Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why XLN?

Because you’re not only committed to your own growth and development, but also each facet of your company’s. If you want to lead better, and work smarter, XLN provides a space for you to learn best practices across a huge variety of industries. If you truly want to grow as a leader, you’re in the right place.

What's the difference between an executive coach and XLN?

With an executive coach, you get a one-on-one experience with someone who likely isn’t running their own business. With XLN, you get a seasoned team of CEOs and company Presidents to act as your personal sounding board. In addition to that, you’ll also have a professional facilitator to act as an executive coach to your entire forum. The XLN experience is designed to give you the best of both worlds, marrying personal coaching with team-focused leadership training.

How will XLN help me take my company further?

XLN helps you refine your leadership abilities through personal training, helps you train your executive instincts through facilitated forums of industry leading CEOs, and helps you determine the best ways to develop your company both internally and externally. XLN gives you the tools and training necessary to truly develop your company and take each facet of your business into its next iteration.

What's the role of a Facilitator?

Our Facilitators are an integral part of the XLN experience, and there to make sure your forum group accomplishes everything they set out to. They are all trained professionals with years of industry coaching experience, and they help your forum group practice each step of the XLN program.

My business is unique. How will others be able to understand my specific challenges and opportunities?

All businesses are unique in certain ways, but we still all face the same universal, unifying issues. Adapting to change, implementing change, dealing with the economy, creating or finding the right niche, personal and professional fulfillment, etc. You’d be surprised how similar the challenges that members face are, and how enlightening sharing those experiences can be.

My schedule is tightly booked. How will I find the time to make use of XLN?

We’re all busy, but when it’s important, you make the time. Our CEOs are not only expected to find time for meetings, but we expect them to actively participate in our forums. Why? Because you’ll get even more out than what you put in. Many of our members say that the rate of return of XLN is overwhelming, and that the time they put in is made up by the time they save being more effective leaders.

How will you decide if I'm personally ready to be an XLN member?

Being an XLN member is about commitment – Commitment to your company, your clients/customers, your employees, and yourself. Beyond our basic requirements, we select all XLN CEOs based on their commitment to the power of continued learning, professional growth, and personal development. The fact that you’re reading this now is a good sign you’re ready. Now take the next step and let’s see.